Wednesday December 11, 2019

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The G.A.T.E. Program was award the Frederick Milton Thrasher Award by the National Gang Crime Research Center for "Exemplary Programs in Gang Prevention".
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RADICAL's Objectives


Objective #1 - High School aged youths are in a very unique situation, old enough at times to be aware that certain behavior is wrong, without the actual information to back up those beliefs. This makes many youths vulnerable to miss information and potential injury. Based on this, lesson plans will be designed to de-mystify and de-bunk myths and miss information that is passed down from student to student.

Objective #2 - To foster a nurturing desire for responsibility through effective and guided leadership skills to prepare young people to become adults. Many of today's youth prefer to sit back and allow others to make decisions. In todays push button, immediate gratification society it is extremely difficult to teach young people to learn to "earn", or delay their own personal gratification through hard work. All too often those decisions have tragic results. By promoting responsibility through active leadership, students will recognize when they should lead, especially at critical times.

Objective #3
Respect, many teens bandied about the word respect without truly understanding the concept as it is truly defined. Many teens look at respect as something they should automatically receive, but yet that they do not have to give. Lessons on respect will reinforce both aspects and show young people how this is a two way street.

Objective #4 To promote understanding of the laws, process of laws and why laws are important to society. Included in this lesson young people will understand that laws can be changed for the greater good through appropriate means and that laws are not designed to inhibit one single person, but society as a whole

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