Wednesday December 11, 2019

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The G.A.T.E. Program was award the Frederick Milton Thrasher Award by the National Gang Crime Research Center for "Exemplary Programs in Gang Prevention".
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About the R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Program

Reducing Abuse of Drugs by Interrupting Crime through Awareness and Learning

As we continually look for new innovative ways to address teenage issues, specifically involving gangs, drugs, violence and at-risk behavior. Because of this on going mission and extensive surveys of students, parents, instructors, teachers and police officers, it became apparent that there was an area of prevention education that was lacking. That area was identified to being High School students. The high school curriculum addresses a multitude of at-risk issues and behaviors that teens all across America and the World face every day.

The RADICAL format follows the same flexibility that the other G.A.T.E. programs do. Allowing the instructors to teach which lessons, they feel impact their particular school and community. What lessons that may be necessary for rural America will not necessarily apply to urban America.

America today, all too frequently our young people do not see the need to be leaders. They are happy to follow another personís example. Young adults today do not see the necessity of stepping up and doing things, for reasons of virtue or integrity. Terms such as those are alien to many young adults. R.A.D.I.C.A.L. will strive to address these issues. The program will address the issues, and attempt to show young people the need to be in front as a leader instead of as a follower.

RADICAL's 12 lessons offer a wide range of opportunities for young people to deal with issues such as drugs, gambling, gangs, internet safety and dating violence. Each lesson is designed to be taught via interactive media using Microsoft PowerPoint to deliver a visual medium to High School Youth. Since teens are so visually stimulated via the internet, media such as movies and video games presenting the lessons in this format has the greatest amount of impact. Although the lessons can be taught in a non-multimedia format, they have their best results when used that way.

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