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The G.A.T.E. Program was award the Frederick Milton Thrasher Award by the National Gang Crime Research Center for "Exemplary Programs in Gang Prevention".
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8th Grade Lesson Plans


The 8th Grade Program is designed to be a refresher program to the 7th grade programs, 7 lesson plans. In this block of instruction the students will be given the over view of topics covered in the 7th Grade Program. This provides reinforcement to topics covered previously as well as providing opportunities for students who are approaching High School to realize the dangers of the gangs and violence.

Lesson #1 Street Gangs and Its Subculture

In this lesson students will learn what a gang is. They will also learn what gangs do and how they affect society. A short video presentation will be shown.

Lesson #2 Leadership and Problem Solving

In this lesson students will be provided basic understanding about critical thinking, working with a collective group for the betterment of the group. In addition, the lesson has several in class exercises that deal with leadership building exercises designed to build leadership skills and group dynamics.

Lesson #3 Alternatives to Joining a Gang

Alternatives to joining a gang are covered. Curfew and why laws are necessary is covered. In addition the influences of movies, television and music and how it influences youth is covered.

Lesson #4 Violence

In this lesson violence the behavior associated with violence and what causes violence are covered. The differences between normal and abnormal behavior relating to violence are covered. Video presentation will be used.

Lesson #5 Being a Victim

Students will learn what a victim is. How someone becomes a victim and how not to become a victim of violence. In addition self-esteem building exercises and techniques will be covered to help equip students in dealing with victimization.

Lesson #6 Drug Abuse: Altered States

In this lesson students will learn about the dangers of each drug group, through in class exercise done by the students. They will learn to promote positive mental attitude and group learning and to illustrate the impact that drugs can have on their lives.

Lesson #7 Peer Pressure

The objective for students will be to identify the aspects of peer pressure to which they may be most susceptible. This is accomplished through an in class exercise

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