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The G.A.T.E. Program was award the Frederick Milton Thrasher Award by the National Gang Crime Research Center for "Exemplary Programs in Gang Prevention".
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7th Grade Program Format

This 7th Grade Program is designed to be taught in two different formats. It can be taught in a one week block of 5 lessons. One lesson per day for five days, or one lesson a week for a total of 7 weeks. Each lesson plan covers approximately 45 minutes of class time. In each lesson there is a class exercise and constant discussion regarding the days lesson.

Lesson #1 Gangs and Gang Subculture

In this lesson, students will learn what a gang is. What types of crimes and illegal activities gangs and its membership commit. The students will also learn about the gang violence cycle and how it affects everyone. Short video presentation and in class exercises will be conducted.

Lesson #2, Gang Recruitment and Decision Making

In this lesson students will learn what methods gang use to recruit them. Decision Making skills and in class exercises will be conducted. Students will learn about how making good decisions affects their everyday life.

Lesson#3 Anger Management

This Alternate lesson which may be substituted at the instructors wish. The purpose of this alternate lesson is to provide the instructor the ability to adapt the program to the needs of the class. Anger Management what triggers anger and how to control anger will be taught. As well as providing outlets to direct anger into positive expressions. An in class exercise is also done.

Lesson#4 Alternatives to Joining A Gang

In this lesson, students will learn about what they can do to stay out of the gang lifestyle. Students will learn what sports activities and social activities they can do to keep active and gang free. Students will also learn about laws and curfew and why society needs both. Video presentation

Lesson #5 The Law

In this lesson students will learn what a law is, what a legal guardian is. In addition why there are laws. Students will be asked to identify reasons for laws and what society would be like without laws.

Lesson# 6 School Assaults and Violence

In this lesson students would learn about the dangers surrounding firearms. The students will also learn about what triggers school violence and ways to reduce violence acts around them. Video presentation

Lesson #7, Drug Prevention - Saying No

In this lesson the objectives is to learn ways to say "No" using a variety of different methods. To provide ways to stay drug free. To heighten awareness regarding drug abuse.

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