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The G.A.T.E. Program was award the Frederick Milton Thrasher Award by the National Gang Crime Research Center for "Exemplary Programs in Gang Prevention".
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6th Grade Program Format

This grade level program is set up in Seven (8) 40-50 minute classes, designed to be taught in either one week blocks or once a week for eight weeks.. This format is designed for schools that have a low instance of gang involvement and thus less of a need for long-term involvement.

Lesson #1, Cut the Bull

In this lesson Bullying will be addressed. Who Bullies are and what an impact they have on those that they bully. What to do if you are bullied and how to combat those that bully without resorting to violence. A short video segment will be shown on Bullying.

Lesson #2, Groups, Packs, Cliques and Clubs

In this lesson the group dynamic will be addressed. Students will learn why certain individuals gravitate towards joining a group. Students will also learn about the group mentality which can turn simple acts of youth mischief into violent aggressive behavior.

Lesson #3, Where do you Want to be

In this segment students will discuss goal setting and how to make plans to reach those goals. An in-class exercise will be done to illustrate this as well as a homework assignment

Lesson # 4, Its No Longer Black and White

In today‘s society peoples appearances and differences are no longer as simple as black and white. Student will learn in this segment that each person is unique. The student’s will learn that their individualism should be celebrated and not seen as a detriment. A short video segment on tolerance will be shown.

Lesson #5, Media influences on youth

Covered in this lessons are the influences of movies, television and music and how it affects youth is covered. Gangster Rap music is highlighted along with “first person shooter“ video games. An in-class exercise will be conducted

Lesson #6, Gateway Drugs

In this lesson students learn to identify what a Gateway Drug is and learn about the dangers of gateway drugs. Alcohol, Tobacco and Marijuana will be highlighted.

Lesson #7, Inhalants

In this lesson the objectives are to identify what Inhalants are, to teach about the dangers of inhalants and to recognize the signs of Inhalant use.

Lesson #8, Prescription Drug, OTC Drug Abuse

In this lesson students will learn about what a prescription drug is, what the dangers of prescription drug use is and what to do if you believe someone is abusing the drugs. The lesson will also touch on Over the Counter drug abuse and how to resist pressures to abuse these drugs.

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