Wednesday December 11, 2019

Welcome to GATE America - Gang Training & Education

The G.A.T.E. Program was award the Frederick Milton Thrasher Award by the National Gang Crime Research Center for "Exemplary Programs in Gang Prevention".
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GATE Kids Lesson plans are formatted to be taught in once a week for grades K-2 five weeks, or in a five day one week format. In Grades 3 and 4 the lesson plans should be taught once a week for 7 weeks. The lesson plans are interactive reaching out to all types of learners and delivered with an age appropriate message. There are simply in class exercises and some assignments that can go home with the students so they may interact with their parents about the days lessons.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Lesson Plans

  • Lesson #1, Meet & Greet
  • Lesson #2, Stranger Awareness
  • Lesson #3, It looks safe, but it's not!
  • Lesson #4, Feelings
  • Lesson #5, Fun Recap

2nd Grade Lesson Plans

  • Lesson #1, The Introduction
  • Lesson #2, Diversity
  • Lesson #3, Rules and Laws
  • Lesson #4, Stay Away from Dangerous Substances
  • Lesson #5, Sense of Belonging

3rd Grade Lesson Plans

  • Lesson #1, Introduction
  • Lesson #2, Feelings
  • Lesson #3, Violence - Safely Expressing Feelings
  • Lesson #4, Are we Different? Not Really!
  • Lesson #5, Who do we Trust?
  • Lesson #6, Addiction and it's Cost
  • Lesson #7, What does Respect Mean?

4th Grade Lesson Plans

  • Lesson #1, Introduction
  • Lesson #2, My Abilities and Talents
  • Lesson #3, Diversity
  • Lesson #4, I can make a Decision!
  • Lesson #5, Anger Overcome
  • Lesson #6, Peer Pressure
  • Lesson #7, Drugs and My Roles
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