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The G.A.T.E. Program was award the Frederick Milton Thrasher Award by the National Gang Crime Research Center for "Exemplary Programs in Gang Prevention".
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History of the G.A.T.E. Program


The GATE program was first developed in 1997 after a need was observed in teaching about the dangers of street gangs in suburban Chicago. The first program was limited with only 4 lessons and limited resources. In 1998, the program was given some funding from local charitable resources which helped to move the program forward. The G.A.T.E. Program moved rapidly forward expanding into multiple school districts in the North Suburban community.

In 2001 the GATE program began training other law enforcement agencies who wanted to adopt the program in their community. By 2005 the GATE Program was being taught to thousands of students each year in Illinois and Florida. In 2006 the GATE program expanded the program to encompass grades from Kindergarten to High School. Currently the GATE program has courses in grades K-4, 5-8 and High school.

As the program developed and conducted research it identified concerns in Elementary School and High School which were not being addressed. At G.A.T.E. America, developers and instructors worked tirelessly to develop two new curriculums. The first was G.A.T.E. Kids to address issues that were seen surfacing in the Elementary grades. The instructors then developed a comprehensive high school curriculum called R.A.D.I.C.A.L., which addressed those issues old and new in the high school setting.

Today the GATE program is being currently available in 3 countries and 19 states nationwide affecting over 1.8 million students.

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